Cala del Re

The coast of Licata is rich in beaches and inlets of rugged and wild beauty.  One of the most noteworthy is Cala del Re where time seems to stand still.  A turquoise and uncontaminated sea laps a golden beach surrounded and embraced by rocky hills. Torre San Nicola, an ancient sighting tower used in the past to signal assaults coming from the sea, overlooks the bay from its dominant position on the highest promontory. In fact, Torre San Nicola is part of the system of towers and castles built along the coast of Agrigento during the reign of Charles V to face attacks by Turkish fleets in the 17th century.  Since then the tower has been remodeled over the centuries and recently restored.  Torre San Nicola has a unique octagonal layout and has been guarding Cala del Re and the entire area for centuries.  Nearby there are the remains of an even earlier circular tower, perhaps from the Byzantine or Saracen age, further confirming that this site has always been a natural point of observation. Underwater archaeological research carried out in the area has identified shipwrecks of various ages and recovered finds that are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of the Badia and in the Sea Museum of Licata.

The crystal clear sea of ​​Cala del Re is not only rich in history but also in marine flora and fauna: the seabeds, especially those closest to the rocks, are rich in Posidonia, playground and natural habitat of various fish such as Saraghi, Sardines, Amberjack, Seahorses and Starfish.  This little corner of unspoilt paradise is pleasantly accessible thanks to the services of a delightful bathing establishment.  Cala del Re is the hidden pearl of the Mediterranean, the perfect place for those who love nature and the pristine sea and appreciate the opportunity of enjoying it in comfortably.

Tourist Information
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The Cala del Re beach is within walking distance: recommended access is from the bathing establishment of the same name “Cala del Re” equipped with parking and all services.


The following coordinates indicate the point of interest

N 37° 6' 35.61''
E 13° 52' 4.23''

Google maps
37.10989, 13.86784

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