the Town of the Monti Sicani woods

recommended visit time
3 hours and 30 minutes

Cammarata stretches out over the slopes of Monte Cammarata, the highest peak of the Monti Sicani range (1600m), and overlooks the fertile valley of the river Platani. The monuments in the centre of town testify to the Norman presence: the well conserved tower of the Norman Castle and the Chiesa Madre, which was built in the 17th century on the foundations of its 12th century predecessor. Some interesting works of art are conserved in the Chiesa Madre: the painting of “Madonna della Catena” by the renowned Sicilian painter from Racalmuto, Pietro D’Asaro, a tabernacle by the sculptor G. Mancino and a 16th century organ. Do not miss to visit, among the many prestigious churches, the 14th century Chiesa dell’Annunziata; also enjoy rambling through the narrow alleys of the San Vito area and admire the arches called “patì”, built between the 15th and 18th centuries, which span the narrow streets. High up, to the East there is a 15th century Convent dedicated to Santa Maria di Gesù with annexed Sanctuary Maria SS.di Cacciapensieri in which an antique and miraculous statue of the Madonna is preserved. Cammarata is the last stop before entering into the Nature Reserve of Monte Cammarata with its rich ecosystem of oaks forests, pines, maples, and carob trees inhabited by kestrels, buzzards and owls. And while there, don’t forget to taste the local Monti Sicani cheeses and traditional cooking.

Tourist Information
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Cammarata: distance from Agrigento approx. 50 Km

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Municipality of Cammarata: telephone reception

+39 0922907211

Pro Loco Cammarata:

+39 3357290474

Cammarata: the coordinates indicate the Castle.

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N 37° 38' 6.51''
E 13° 38' 20.91''

Google maps
37.63514, 13.63914

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