Church of San Lorenzo

recommended visit time
30 minutes

The richly decorated baroque facade of the Church of San Lorenzo – or of Purgatory – faces onto a little square in the higher part of via Atenea. White limestone decorations are beautifully set off against the honey-coloured sandstone facade. The majestic portal is flanked by twisted columns with Corinthian Capitels and sculptures representing Faith and Charity. The church is no longer used for religious purposes and has been turned into a venue for exhibitions and events organized by MUDIA. The interior of the church has a single nave and is enhanced by paintings and feminine statues representing the Seven Virtues, attributed to the scholars of the famous baroque sculptor from Palermo, Giacomo Serpotta. The white stuccoes contrast starkly with the wooden pulpit and the two confessionals, both decorated with engravings depicting the Souls of Purgatory, a recurring theme in the decorations of this church. Externally, to the left of the church, a stone lion statue guards over the entrance to an ancient Hypogeum which is part of the extensive network of underground aqueducts engineered in the 5th century BC by the Greek architect Faece to supply water to the ancient and prosperous city of Akragas and its reservoir located in the Kolymbethra.

Tourist Information
THIS INFORMATION is subject to change without prior notice

The Church of San Lorenzo (or Purgatory) is no longer in use for religious ceremonies; it is a Cultural Centre often used by MUDIA for temporary exhibitions or other events.

It is, also, an info-point and ticket office by services e guided visits of itinerary “Art & Faith” proposed by the volunteers of the cultural association “Ecclesia Viva”.

July – August – September: open from Monday to Saturday, from 5:00 pm. to 8:00 pm.

Closed on Sundays

Entrance to the church is free of charge but a voluntary contribution is appreciated.

A ticket may be requested in case of special exhibitions, other cultural events or optional tourist services offered by the Cultural Association “Ecclesia Viva” such as rental of eco-bus, eco-cars, eco-bike and private tours.

Church of San Lorenzo: contact for further information or to book visits at different times

tel. +390922490061

cell. +393277549152

Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Piazza del Purgatorio  – 92100 Agrigento

The following coordinates indicate the point of interest

N 37° 18' 42.83''
E 13° 34' 48.82''

Google maps
37.311895, 13.580227

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