Church of St. Nicholas

recommended visit time
20 minutes

Built in the 12th century, the Church of St. Nicholas has a sober facade with a beautiful gothic portal flanked by two imposing pylons supporting an enormous cornice. The adjacent Regional Archaeological Museum has been created in the spaces of the monastery connected in ancient times to the Church. Inside the church, which has a single nave, the austere simplicity typical of the Cistercian style pervades. The monastic order was indeed founded on the principle of austerity. In one of the chapels arranged on the sides of the Church a masterpiece is exhibited: a lovely sculpture of the Madonna and Child by Gagini. Also you can admire in another chapel the crucifix of “The Lord of the Ship” which inspired the famous playwright and Nobel prize winner Luigi Pirandello to write his theatrical drama entitled “The Festival of the Lord of the Ship”, a humorous and grotesque single act which illustrates the contradictions between sacred and profane in human nature.

Tourist Information
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The Church of St. Nicholas is located next to the Archaeological Museum “Pietro Griffo” and on the side facing Roman Hellenistic Quarter.

The parking area adjoining to the “Pietro Griffo” Regional Archaeological Museum is recommended.

The Church of St. Nicholas is open during religious services.

Open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


The Church of St. Nicholas is free entry.

A voluntary contribution is welcome


Church of St. Nicholas: contacts for information and visits during other than those indicated

Tel. +39 0922596480

Tel. +39 3385416701

The following coordinates indicate the point of interest

N 37° 17' 47.22''
E 13° 35' 21.34''

Google maps
37.29645, 13.58926

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