Monte Cammarata
Nature Reserve

recommended visit time
1 day

The Nature Reserve of Monte Cammarata stretches out over the Monti Sicani, between San Giovanni Gemini, Cammarata and Santo Stefano di Quisquina. It includes the highest mountaintop in the territory of Agrigento, Monte Cammarata, which reaches an altitude of almost 1600m. The nature reserve protects one of the greenest forests of the province which covers the slopes of Monte Gemini, Serra Moneta, Pizzo Rondine and Monte Cammarata with pines, maples and oaks.  The pine forests of the lower slopes give way to Euforbia and rare white Sorbo Meridionale with white blossoms at the higher altitudes. From the mountaintop, visitors are rewarded with a stunning view over green valleys and rocky butts. During the daytime, falcons such as Falco Grillaio and Falco Pellegrino and other large birds fly amongst the rocky peaks, whilst Assiolo, Allocco and Barbagianni dominate the skies at sunset and all night. The scrub is the ideal habitat for rabbits, hares and foxes. Two large picnic areas, Buonanotte and Savochello, are perfect for a break and have facilities for parking and BBQing.

Tourist Information
THIS INFORMATION is subject to change without prior notice

To get to the Reserve, take the SS189 from Agrigento to Palermo. Take the exit for Cammarata and San Giovanni Gemini.

Cut through Cammarata and continue in the direction of Santo Stefano di Quisquina until you find the indications to the entrance of the Nature Reserve.

It is not recommended to visit the area during or shortly after showers of rain.

Nature Reserve of Monte Cammarata: open to visitors all year round


Nature Reserve of Monte Cammarata: free access

Guided visits are available upon prior booking.

Administration office:  for further information

Provincial office of Agrigento:

Tel. +39 0922594599

Local office of Cammarata:

Tel. +39 0922.909152

Local office of Santo Stefano di Quisquina :

Tel. +39 0922 982065

The following coordinate indicate the main entrance of the Nature Reserve.

N 37° 36' 27.69''
E 13° 32' 32.78''

Google maps
37.6076913 , 13.5424382

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