Monte genuardo e santa maria del bosco
Nature Riserve

recommended visit time
1 day

The nature reserve of Monte Genuardo and Santa Maria del Bosco extends over the Sicani Mountains and is situated between Sambuca di Sicilia, Contessa Entellina and Giuliana. It protects both the natural beauty of the oak- and pine forests and the archaeological site of Adranon (Adragna) located just a few kilometres from Sambuca. The reserve is divided into three areas: Monte Genuardo, Santa Maria del Bosco and Bosco del Pomo (the latter, located between Sambuca and Contessa Entellina, is the main entrance to the reserve and is equipped with parking, a picnic area and a visitor’s centre). From this departure point various footpaths of graded difficulty allow visitors to explore the reserve and admire its breathtaking views: immense blocks of rock rise above dense forests and are home to birds of prey such as Poiana, Barbagianni, Civette and other birds, amongst which the Rampichino. The woods are inhabited by martens, rabbits, porcupines, foxes and wild cats. The area called Santa Maria del Bosco owes its name to the abbey, a 17th century monumental jewel tucked away amongst the oak trees. In the valley below Sambuca, on the shores of Lake Arancio, birdwatchers may spot migrating birds such as Airone, Germano Reale and Cormorano.

Tourist Information
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To get to the Reserve, take the SS115 from Agrigento to Sciacca. Take the exit for Sambuca di Sicilia (SP41) and keep heading for Sambuca di Sicilia.

Just before reaching Sambuca, turn into the SP69 to Adragna. The entrance to the Reserve is at about 5km, in proximity of Contessa Entellina.

It is not recommended to visit the area during or shortly after showers of rain.

Nature Reserve of Monte Genuardo e Santa Maria del Bosco is open to visitors all year round

Nature Reserve of Monte Genuardo e Santa Maria del Bosco: free access

Guided visits are available upon prior booking.

R.N. Monte Genuardo e Santa Maria del Bosco

Administration office:  for further information

Provincial office of Agrigento:  Tel. +39 0922594599

Local office of Sambuca di Sicilia: Tel. +39 0925941194

The following coordinates indicate the entrance to the Nature Reserve.

N 37° 41' 53.34''
E 13° 9' 20.6''

Google maps
37.69815 , 13.15572

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