Monti di Palazzo Adriano e Valle del Sosio
Nature Reserve

recommended visit time
1 day

The nature reserve of the Valle del Sosio is embedded in the range of the Sicani mountains and located between the towns of Burgio, Bivona, Palazzo Adriano and Chiusa Sclafani; it is the source of the river Sosio which changes its name downstream into Verdura. Hikers will find ideal conditions for an unforgettable walk: immense oak woods cover the slopes of majestic valleys cut by deep canyons and topped by superb peaks where birds such as Corvo Reale, Nibbio and Capovaccio fly. These are the oldest rocks on the Sicilian Island and, together with the centenary oaks they represent Sicily’s natural, primordial beauty. Penetrating into these forests populated by foxes, martens, wild cats and porcupines, hikers will come upon suggestive and fascinating monuments such as the ruins of the hermitage of Sant’Adriano, now completely invaded by vegetation, and the sanctuary of Rifèsi: a valuable testimonial of the Norman age rich in history, spirituality and mystery. This monument is safeguarded by the authorities and is easy to visit: there is a visitors’ centre, a centre for environmental education, a picnic areas called ‘Menta’ and a network of paths suitable for various excursions: approx. 90km of paths for hiking, biking and horse riding.

Tourist Information
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To get to the Reserve, take the SS115 from Agrigento to Sciacca. Take the exit for Caltabelotta follow indications to Burgio. At the entrance to to town of Burgio you will find a roundabout with indications to the Reserve.

It is not recommended to visit the area during or shortly after showers of rain.

Nature Reserve of Monti di Palazzo Adriano e Valle del Sosio: open to visitors all year round

N. R. of  Monti di Palazzo Adriano e Valle del Sosio: free access

Guided visits are available upon prior booking.

N. R. of Monti di Palazzo Adriano e Valle del Sosio

Administration office:  for further information

Provincial office of Agrigento:

Tel. +39 0922594599

Local office of Burgio:

Tel. +39 092564350

N. R. of Monti di Palazzo Adriano e Valle del Sosio

Ufficio D. F. di Burgio Via Stazione, 1, 92010 Burgio (AG)

The following coordinates indicate the roundabout at the entrance to the town of Burgio with indications to the entrance of the Nature Reserve.

N 37° 35' 41.79''
E 13° 17' 28.36''

Google maps
37.59494, 13.29121

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