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The town of Naro, located high up on a hill with a splendid view over the Valle del Paradiso, is of particular artistic interest. For many centuries its magnificent position and fertile territories have made it a sought-after bounty for many civilizations and inhabitants of various cultural origins. In the 12th century it was a wealthy and important Arabian fortress, soon conquered by the Normans who turned it into a fortified town with a Castle and a splendid Cathedral temporarily closed to visitors. The Norman Castle of Naro, built on the Arabian foundations, has been perfectly preserved and reconstructed numerous times over the centuries. In the 13th and 14th century it was one of the most important strongholds of the Chiaramonte family. In 1324 the King of Sicily, Federico III of Aragona, was hosted in the castle for a short period of time and it was here that he published his famous 21 Chapters of the Kingdom, regarding principles of good government.

The massive square tower bearing the Royal Coat of Arms was built by the same King Federico III shortly after, in 1330.  The castle superbly dominates the town from the highest point and nowadays it is a fascinating location for cultural events and houses a permanent collection of historical gowns and costumes. Besides its medieval glory, Naro is also much  admired for the Sicilian Baroque-style architecture of its churches: Chiesa del SS.Salvatore, Chiesa di S.Francesco, Chiesa di S.Agostino and Chiesa di S.Nicolò are just a few examples. The Sanctuary of San Calogero is of particular interest: it is believed that the black patron saint of Naro lived as a hermit in the cave found inside the sanctuary. The feast of S.Calogero is solemnly celebrated on the second weekend of June.

The Church of S.ta Caterina is a little gem in Chiaramonte style with a 15th century baptismal font and frescoes. The 17th century Chiesa Madre also boasts many religious artefacts originally located in the Norman Cathedral, such as a 15th century baptismal font with bass reliefs and several statues attributed to Gagini, as well as an 18th century painting by Domenico Provenzani.  The 17th century Biblioteca Feliciani containing many precious books, antique manuscripts and incunabula is located in a historical complex which was once the convent of the Minor Friars, together with the municipality and the municipal library. Lago San Giovanni  is a lake not far from town where migratory birds stop off on their way to and from the African coast. Agriculture and sheep-farming prosper in these valleys dotted with olive groves and vineyards. Do taste the local products and the excellent oil!

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Naro: distance from Agrigento approx. 27 Km

Contacts of organizations and associations which offer tourist information and other useful services:

Municipality of Naro: Public Relations Office

+39 0922 953020

Pro Loco Naro “La Fulgentissima”

 +39 3400711671

Naro: the coordinates indicate Church of San Francesco.

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E 13° 47' 30.23''

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