San Biagio Platani
the Town of the Easter Arches

The town of San Biago Platani was built at the beginning of the 17th century on a high plain above the river Platani and has developed around the two main avenues: Viale della Vittoria and Corso Umberto. The Chiesa Madre proudly exhibits paintings of Padre Fedele di San Biagio, a local friar of the Cappucin order who was much acclaimed as an artist throughout Sicily in the 18th century. The town’s claim to fame are, however, the Archi di Pasqua (Easter arches) which adorn the centre of town in the Easter period: they are part of one of the oldest and most beautiful Easter traditions in Sicily. Many weeks before Easter the two rival confraternities, the Madunnara (devotees of the Madonna) and the Signurara (devotees of Jesus Christ) stage an artistic contest in which they try to outdo each other in building magnificent and imposing bamboo arches and cupolas over Corso Umberto. These arches are finely decorated with sculptures in bread, laurel leaves and citrus fruits. Throughout the entire holy week (and for several weeks thereafter) the arches offer a true spectacle to all visitors, especially in the evening when they are illuminated and the centre of town resembles a fairytale ballroom.

Tourist Information
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San Biagio Platani: distance from Agrigento approx. 37  Km

Contacts of organizations and associations which offer tourist information and other useful services:

Municipality of San Biagio Platani: Public Relations Office

+39 0922918900

Pro Loco San Biagio Platani:

+39 320 673 6306 / +39 3384572610

 San Biagio Platani: the coordinates indicate Corso Umberto I.

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N 37° 30' 33.59''
E 13° 31' 31.48''

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37.50933, 13.52541

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