San Leone and Punta Bianca
Agrigento's seafront

recommended visit time
3 hours and 30 minutes

The 16km stretch of varied coastline between the beach of Caos, just below Casa Museo Luigi Pirandello, and Punta Bianca is composed of many sandy beaches and suggestive coves. The beaches closest to Agrigento, from Cannatello to Maddalusa, are generally grouped together under the name of ‘San Leone’ which is also the name of the beachfront area and the touristic port from which boats depart for excursions to the Scala dei Turchi and Punta Bianca. In the summer months San Leone gets very crowded with tourists and residents flocking to the beaches; after dusk it turns into the perfect spot to have an ice-cream, a drink or to dine on fresh fish and seafood in one of the trendy seafront pubs and restaurants or go dancing all night long in the open-air clubs on the beach. To the west of the port, beyond the mouth of the river Akràgas, nature lovers can enjoy the relatively quiet beaches of Maddalusa and Montelusa. But the real hidden pearl lies to the East: Punta Bianca is a spectacular rocky white marlstone headland (a minor version of the famous Scala dei Turchi) which juts into crystal clear waters. It’s not easy to reach but ruggedly beautiful. It is the southernmost tip of Monte Grande, archaeologically relevant due to the prehistoric presence of the Sicani. Some archaeological objects found in this area are exhibited in the Archeological Museum of Agrigento.

Tourist Information
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San Leone is Agrigento’s residential beachfront: a well loved beach resort thanks to its laid back atmosphere, long sandy beaches and many clubs, pubs and restaurants. On summer evenings it is the perfect place to sip a drink at sunset and enjoy live music.

Punta Bianca is a splendid white cliff just a few kilometres from San Leone. It is recommended to park at the point indicated on the map and continue on foot.

The following GPS coordinates indicate the “Andrea Furnari” roundabout at the centre of San Leone.

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N 37° 15' 38.67''
E 13° 35' 18.24''

Google maps
37.26074, 13.58840

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