The Town of newlyweds

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The town of Siculiana was established in the 14th century by the noble family of Chiaramonte: their Castle and the nearby Mother Church define its skyline. Siculiana is known as the City of Newlyweds because it is considered a lucky place for wedding ceremonies, due to an ancient tradition linked to the blessed and fruitful union, in 1311, between Costanza, the only daughter of Federico di Chiaramonte, and Brancaleone Doria, a noble Genoese who later became the Governor of Sardinia. Within the Mother Church or Sanctuary of the Holy Crucifix, edified in Sicilian baroque style, there is a magnificent crucifix of a black Christ to whom a solemn festivity is dedicated in the first week of May. It is said that, in about 1600, whilst being transported to the nearby town of Burgio, during a short stop in the vicinities of the Castle of Chiaramonte, a blind man touched the coffin in which the crucifix had been laid for the journey and miraculously regained his sight. The inhabitants of Siculiana engaged in a battle with Burgio in order gain the right to keep the crucifix in Siculiana in commemoration of the miracle.

Close to the Castle is MeTe (Ethno-history Museum and Cultural Center) where you can admire exhibits demonstrating historical aspects of rural life such as utensils, photographs and mementoes of Garibaldi’s doctor, Dr Giuseppe Basile. Interesting guided excursions further illustrate the history of the surrounding area, believed to be the ancient Erbessa, the famous granary of Akragas. The territory of Siculiana extends to the coast and includes the magnificent Nature Reserve of Torre Salsa, run by the WWF, and Siculiana Marina, a charming hamlet with a lovely beachfront.

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Siculiana: distance from Agrigento approx. 19 Km

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Municipality of Siculiana: telephone reception

+39 0922 818011

MeTe Museum – ALT Association Lisure and Tourism of Siculiana:

+39 329 968 1701

 Siculiana: the coordinates indicate Chiesa Madre in Piazza Umberto I

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N 37° 20' 12.3''
E 13° 25' 13.8''

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37.33675, 13.42050

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