Temple of Demeter and
Church of St. Biagio

The Temple of Demeter is located on a small earthen terrace on the slopes of Rupe Atenea and was dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of the harvest to whom the inhabitants were very devoted. Archaeologists found the adjacent altars, wells and the cisterns full of ‘ex-voto’ offerings, amongst which the magnificent Ephebos of Agrigento, currently exhibited in the Archaeological Museum. The temple,  built in the 6th century BC, had no colonnade but was simply a walled cella (‘in antis’). The remains of this temple were incorporated in the structure of a little medieval Church dedicated to St. Biagio and built on the Greek temple’s base 1600 years later. Behind the church the foundations of the temple are still visible as the church only partly occupied the antique base. Below the little hill of the temple is collocated the Rural Sanctuary of Demeter, probably the most ancient monument of Akragas which possibly even dates back to the very foundation of the city of Akragas itself. It is a building connected to two caverns, possibly a public fountain (nynphaeum) equipped with underground cisterns used for ritual purposes between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC. At the moment restoration works are in progress so access to the site may limited.

Archeological Area Tourist Information
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Temporarily closed until further notice.

At the moment restoration works are in progress in the Temple of Demeter area.

The entry to the Temple of Demeter area is subject to booking and authorization by Archaeological Park.

The Temple of Demeter and Church of St. Biagio are currently closed.

The Valley of the Temples is open from 14 June 2021 and until further notice: from Monday to Sunday from 8:30 to 7:00 p.m. (exit by 8:00 p.m.).

Evening visits from 10 July 2021. Monday to Friday: 7pm / 10pm (exit by 11pm). Saturday, Sunday, holidays and days before holidays: 19: 00/23: 00 (exit by midnight).

Ticket to the Valley of the Temples: €10  per person.

Free entry for children, younger than 18 years old. 50% discount for EU citizens between 18 and 25 of age

Combo Tickets

Valley of the Temples + Archaeological Museum = € 13.50

Valley of the Temples + Garden of the Kolymbethra= € 15.00

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The following coordinates indicate the point of interest

N 37° 17' 59.82''
E 13° 36' 11.2''

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