Even though now it is only a pile of rubbles scattered over a wide area, the l’Olympieion of Akragas was one of the wonders of the ancient world, both for its colossal dimensions and for the originality of its architectural details. The majestic temple was almost as big as a modern football field and its columns exceeded 18 meters in height.  Unlike other temples, a wall decorated externally with half-columns and capitals sealed the Temple of Zeus or Jupiter Olympus. It appears that, between each half-column, at a height of 10 meters, a stone giant called ‘Telamon’ poised on a ledge; these statues, aligned between the columns, were 7,65 metres tall and represented the giants subdued by Zeus and obliged to bear the weight of the temple’s roof on their shoulders. The best-preserved Telamon can be admired today in the Archaeological Museum of Agrigento. In the Valley, laid down amongst of the ruins of the Temple, there is a life-size reproduction of a Telamon; recently original parts of other Telamons have been recomposed and collocated in the same area. To the East of the Temple, the foundations of the enormous altar are clearly visible. This is where the “hecatòmbe” took place: an incredible rituals slaughter of 100 oxen. According to Diodorus Siculus the construction of the Olympieion was interrupted by the Carthaginian conquest in 406 BC which burnt the city.

Archeological Area Tourist Information
THIS information is subject to change without prior notice

The Archaeological Park has three entrances: one to the North “ Teatro Ellenistico” (near to the Ancient Theatre and Archaeological Museum), one the East ” Giunone” (near to the Temple of Juno) and one to the West ” Porta V” (near to the ancient Greek gate).

Each one of the entrances to the Valley of the Temples offer this services: Parking, Tickets, Bus, Information.

Visiting some areas on the outskirts of the Valley of the Temples may subject to the presence of custodians.

Open daily all year round 8.30 a.m. – 7.00 p.m.

Evening visits only during the summer:

from Monday to Friday

entry between 7.00 p.m. – 10.00 p.m. and exit by 11.00 p.m.;

on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

entry 7.30 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. and exit by midnight.

Ticket to the Valley of the Temples: €12  per person.

Free entry for children, younger than 18 years old. 50% discount for EU citizens between 18 and 25 of age

Combo Tickets

Valley of the Temples + Archaeological Museum = € 13.50

Valley of the Temples + Garden of the Kolymbethra= € 15.00

Valley of the Temples: contacts for institutional information

Tel. +39 0922621611

Fax  +39 092226438

Coop Culture – Ticket Office “Porta V” : contacts for ticket and information

tel. +39 09221839996

The following coordinates indicate the point of interest

N 37° 17' 26.92''
E 13° 35' 3.84''

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