Torre Salsa
Nature Reserve

recommended visit time
3 hours and 30 minutes

The nature reserve of Torre Salsa is protected by the WWF: an uncontaminated environment which hosts an incredible variety of flora and fauna. Six kilometers of unspoiled coast, between Siculiana Marina and Eraclea Minoa, will take the visitor’s breath away: the coastline alternates impressive white cliffs and dunes with long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. On the hills above the cliffs and beyond the dunes the summer air is perfumed by the rich Mediterranean scrub and animated by the flight of seagulls, birds of prey such as the Falcone Pellegrino and the Gheppio and other seasonal birds which choose the nature reserve to nest or rest. The dune area represents a buffer zone in which the sea intersects with the land, creating a unique ecosystem. The sandy dunes are covered by vegetation which helps to stabilize them and includes the wonderfully scented white lilies of the endangered species Giglia Marina, also called Pancrazio.

In midsummer nights the dunes are visited by the marine turtle Caretta Caretta which chooses this coast as an ideal habitat to lay its eggs. Behind the dunes the typical Mediterranean vegetation includes wild rosemary, thyme, baby palms, Lentisco, Tamerisk, Euforbia and the rare Phoenician Juniper. The transparent waters host a lively array of fish, including the rare Sarago Faraone, which swims amongst the Posidonie along with various species which are no longer found in other areas along the coast. Another frequent visitor is the Steno, cousin of the dolphin, which can often be spotted playing in the waves along the coast. Further inland the dunes give way to a marshy area fed partly by sweet water from small torrents but mainly by salty seawater.

One of the larger pools, Lago Pantano, is the favorite nesting spot of birds such as the Gallinelle d’acqua, Tuffetti, Folaghe and the multicolored Gruccioni. Emys Trinacris, rare Sicilian marsh turtles, are also frequent visitors and may be spotted sunbathing on the stones along the waterside. The ruins of a 16th century strategic observation tower Torre Salsa, from which the  location derives its name, can still be seen on one of the cliff tops. This garden of Eden is beautiful non only in the height of summer  but also in spring and autumn, when more pleasant temperatures make for an enjoyable swim and a lovely excursion in the midst of vivid colours and rich Mediterranean scents.

Tourist Information
THIS INFORMATION is subject to change without prior notice

The Nature Reserve of Torre Salsa is open to visitors all year round and entry is free.

It is not recommended to visit the area during or shortly after showers of rain as the roads and paths can get very muddy in some areas.

Guided visits may be booked in advance via the administrative offices located in Via Roma 156/d , Siculiana; open form Monday to Saturday.

Guided visits are organized on request on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The Nature Reserve of Torre Salsa is open to visitors all year round.

It is not recommended to visit the area during or shortly after showers of rain as the roads and paths can get very muddy in some areas.

Nature Reserve of Torre Salsa: free access

Guided visits are organized on request and upon prior booking on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Nature Reserve of Torre Salsa – Administration office: for further information and booking of guided visits:

Tel. +39 3277742954 –

Fax +39 0922.817995

For guided visits we recommend making an appointment with the administration office in Via Roma 156/d (Siculiana), which is open from Monday to Friday.

Riserva Naturale di Torre Salsa – Siculiana

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N 37° 21' 37.52''
E 13° 20' 41.28''

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37.36042, 13.34480

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