Cala Manbrù
Beach Club Lounge Bar Experience

Cala Manbrù Beach Club is a charming oasis nestled in the heart of Sicily’s Mediterranean region, where you can live the dream of a summer amidst the sea and nature. Not just a restaurant, but also an ideal place for excursions, enjoying the sea, having lunch, and savoring a sunset aperitif with live music. Located in Siculiana Marina, near the Torre Salsa Nature Reserve, Cala Manbrù awaits you with a variety of exciting activities to bring you joy and well-being. Sail the waves aboard a catamaran, kayak, or SUP, and discover hidden coves and breathtaking scenes along a pristine coastline. Explore the nearby villages and attractions in charming mini-cars or cycle freely on eco-bikes, taking in green hills with a sea view. Rejuvenate your mind-body connection with Yoga and Pilates sessions on the beach, immersing yourself in the deep tranquility that only the sound of the sea can offer.

Cala Manbrù is a Beach Club, Lounge Bar, Restaurant and Lido with all comforts and services equipped.

Various types of experiences are available:

Sports activities and tours: Catamaran, SUP, Kayak, e-Bike, mini-car to discover pristine places along the coast and nearby villages.

Wellness: Yoga, Pilates.

Cala Manbrù is open from March to December every day.

Animals are not allowed.

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