Marco Falzone
Archeo Tour Guide

Discovering the Valley of the Temples with Marco Falzone means getting to the heart of history thanks also to his use of detailed plans and drawings that illustrate and help you to imagine the places as they appeared in ancient Akragas. The itinerary of the visit is focused on the Greek, Roman and Byzantine history of the city and offers numerous possibilities for a more in depth study of the extraordinary cultural richness of this site.  Passion and competence will accompany you not only among the ruins of the great sacred buildings, but also in other places of interest such as the fortifications, the necropolis and the residential quarters.  Alternative itineraries are also available for those who enjoy trekking and wish to visit the archaeological heritage sites along the coast and further inland.

Technical-scientific operator for Archaeological Heritage. Authorized tourist guide of the Sicily Region, license n.440 – Languages: Italian and English. Passionate about trekking, he promotes and disseminates the historical and cultural heritage of the Agrigento area.

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