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An exciting excursion in Quad awaits you to explore the rugged beauties of the province of Agrigento!  On our off-road vehicles you will be able to visit some of the coastal, river and woodland wonders of the area between Ribera and Sciacca, including the Castle of Poggio Diana, the gorges of the Verdura river, the coast of Piana Grande and much more.  You will ford rivers and climb plateaus with a breathtaking view.  The experience will start with a briefing during which one of our forerunners will explain how to run the Quad.  Then we will dive into the wildest areas of the hinterland, on paths accessible only with this type of vehicle.  The excursions are of varying duration: 2 hours, 4 hours – with an ice cream stop or snack on the Seccagrande seafront – or a full day with a Sicilian lunch included in a renowned local restaurant.  The route is very scenic, not particularly demanding and absolutely affordable for everyone.  Stunning landscapes, emotions and lots of fun await you.

B.G.  Racing organizes guided Quad excursions. Each Quad can accommodate 1 or 2 people.

Minimum pilot age: 16 years

Minimum passenger age: 5 years

The number of participants per excursion varies from 1 to 10.

Required documents: driving license

Recommended clothing: sports – trekking

In case of bad weather the experience may be postponed

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