Salvatore Varisano
Agrigento Tour Guide

Salvatore Varisano is more than just an archaeologist: he is an anthropologist specialized in the study of necropolises and human remains and thus the perfect guide to accompany you  in the discovery of the history of the Valley of the Temples and in particular of the “Via dei Sepolcri”.  A fascinating journey in time will give you insight in the myths, history and religions of civilizations inhabiting the valley from the classical age through to the paleo-Christian and Byzantine period. In particular, this highly original itinerary illustrates both the historical-scientific and mythical-religious aspects of the monuments of the Valley of the Temples and the exhibits in the Archaeological Museum. Salvatore makes every visit an unforgettable experience by bringing the Greek-Roman ritual world to life.  On request the itinerary can extend to the historical center of the city of Agrigento, with its many monuments and churches dating from the medieval age to the baroque period, with several noteworthy 19th century buildings.

Registered archaeologist, anthropologist and Tourist Guide,  licensed by the Region Sicily, license n° 145 of May 13th 2014. Language: Italian and English.  Expert in the study of necropolises and human bone remains, he has participated in numerous excavation campaigns at necropolises of the Late Antiquity in order to study the living conditions and ritual practices in use in the early Christian and Byzantine periods.

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