Symposium of the Gods

Against the backdrop of the Valley of the Temples, all is ready to lead you on an exciting experience capable of awakening the senses: the Symposium of the Gods. Once inside you will witness a show capable of making you relive the mythical charm of the Greek world with food, music and dances. Welcomed by the gods of Olympus in a magical and surreal atmosphere, you will taste the authentic foods of ancient Greece from which Sicilian cuisine originates and preserves its flavors. You will enjoy a unique experience marked by the rite, the symposium and the myth against the suggestive background of the Doric temples that for millennia.

Symposium of the Gods is a permanent show with lunch or dinner in which it is possible to participate subject to availability of seats and tickets. Check availability

Not suitable for children under 6 years of age.

Animals are not allowed

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