Val di Kam
experiential tourism to Sant'Angelo Muxaro

Sant’Angelo is more than just a place to go for a splendid excursion, to explore the past still present in its narrow alleys or to taste the genuine flavours of the real Sicily: it offers the possibility of experiential tourism through direct encounters with nature, archaeology, culture, ancient traditions and especially with Sicilian locals. Meet open people with a genuine smile and generous availability happy to welcome you into their world. These hills and valleys were once Kamikos, the kingdom of the legendary king of the Sicans, Kokalos, and have witnessed important historical events over the centuries. Make a splendid walk through pristine valleys drenched in history; the same history may be encountered in the MuSam (archaeological museum of Sant’Angelo), the Prince’s Tomb (the largest protohistoric ‘tholos’ burial chamber in Sicily) but most of all in the simple and authentic smile of the people.

Val di Kam organizes walks, hikes, excursions and personal tourism experiences in Sant’Angelo Muxaro and other hamlets scattered around the Sican Mountains.

Times and experiences may be tailored to fit individual needs and requests.

Advance booking is necessary.

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