Special Events

The Hypogeum of the Kolymbethra

Sunday 3 March the excursions in the fascinating hypogeum of the Kolymbethra start again: an unforgettable underground walk through the Valley of the Temples between nature and archaeology is awaiting you! Take advantage of the free entry to the Archaeological Park this Sunday to do an suggestive experience! Accompanied by specialized guides it is possible to explore an underground aqueduct dating back to the 5th century B.C. which runs from the Garden of the Kolymbethra to the Gate V, passing below the Temple of Dioscuri and sacred area dedicated to the Chthonian Gods. This Hypogeum was part of a system of aqueducts bringing water to the fabulous reservoir of the Kolymbethra (literally “pool” in Greek language) mentioned by Diodorus Siculus. This fascinating excursion in the hypogeum has recently been made possible by FAI (Italian Environmental Fund ) and the Valley of the Temples Archaeological Park. During the hike inside the hypogeum you can enjoy a cool and dry environment. In fact, the hypogeum, for most of its journey, is “fossil”, that is, without traces of water. In the final stretch, however, there are some mineral sediments created by the water that make this very special environment.  Not to be missed: on the site you will find all the useful information.

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