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The Sciacca Carnival 2020: dates and program

The Carnival of Sciacca is one of the oldest and most colorful folk traditions of Sicily: scheduled from 20th to 25th February 2020, this year’s program is full of events. Performances and masked dances will accompany the parade of floats through the city streets. Sciacca’s carnival floats are prepared by skilled artisans who spend an entire year modeling incredible and colorful masterpieces inspired by the most intriguing themes of modernity or Sicilian tradition in papier-mache. Creativity, color and a hint of irony make for a week of good food and fun.

You can attend the carnival parades on Friday 21, Saturday 22, Sunday 23, Monday 24 and Tuesday 25 February along the streets of the historic center. As usual, the parade will be headed by the float of Peppe Nappa: a popular local mask that opens the procession distributing wine and sausages to the festive participants. The carnival floats will parade through the streets of the old town of Sciacca, rich in beautiful monuments, characteristic alleys and pottery shops: the ceramics of Sciacca and among the finest of all Sicily.

The highlight of the Carnaval period in on Shrove Tuesday: to conclude the carnival festivities, crowds gather to see the burning at the stake of Peppe Nappa’s float. Carnival is a great opportunity to get to know not only the main attractions of the city of Sciacca but also to discover picturesque villages and towns located nearby.

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