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Bar Europa

The Sicilian artisan pastry with authentic and unforgettable flavors

An excellent handmade pastry shop born thanks to from a careful selection of local raw materials worked with much love. Bar Europa in Aragona is a must for lovers of traditional Sicilian pastry: thus, the pistachio from Raffadali PDO or from Platani Valley, the milk and ricotta from the Sicani Mountains, the Agrigentine almonds come together to give life to delicious cannoli, ice creams, pastries and cassata. Drinks and tasty snacks come in aperitif time: the delicious cocktails are always accompanied by colorful cutting boards and excellent own-production rotisserie. A perfect bar for any break, at any time of the day. If you are in Aragona and you want to taste something good or spend a few hours in a nice place, Bar Europa is an unmissable stop.

Speciality: handmade Sicilian pastry

Homemade ice cream – Breakfast – Rotisserie – Aperitifs – Cocktails – Brunch – Catering

Open all day:  from 6.00 at 24.00

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