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Cantina Granet
bistrò cocktail bar

Welcome to Cantina Granet, the bistro and cocktail bar located in the heart of the historic center of Agrigento, on Via Atenea, just a stone’s throw from the Church of the Immaculate. The venue is located in the same spaces that housed the wine cellar of the 19th-century residence of the French Vice-Consul Luigi Granet. The careful restoration and refined design have preserved the features of the ancient cellar, such as the tuff arches and the barrel vault, making Cantina Granet a welcoming place where the past speaks the language of innovation. The menu offers an excellent selection of wines, typical cold cuts and cheeses, focaccias made with Sicilian grains flour, and other delicious delicacies such as fish tartare of tuna and amberjack to be paired with Sicilian sparkling wines or champagne. The dehor with its seductive atmosphere is the ideal place to relax while enjoying excellent aperitifs and cocktails served by a friendly and attentive staff. Don’t miss: the Granet platter, the Granet focaccia, the tartare of “scottona” beef with Pantelleria capers.

Specialties: Sicilian, Italian, and international wines and sparkling wines. Granet platter with Sicilian specialties, Granet focaccia with DOP mortadella, burrata and DOP pistachio from Raffadali, “scottona” beef tartare with Pantelleria capers, Fish tartare of tuna and amberjack.

Open every day from 6:00 pm to 2:00 am.

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