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Le Cuspidi
confectionary bar ice-cream parlour

Since 1960 “Le Cuspidi”  has distinguished itself for the quality of its fine almond and pistachio confectionary, using the excellent local Raffadali Pistachio PDO. Passion and experience have inspired the production of sweet delicacies for four generations, making Raffadali a compulsory destination for connoisseurs of almond- and pistachio confectionary. Amongst the various specialities, the most notable are “ricci” biscuits, “croccanti” (brittle), soft and fragrant “pannetone” with a sweet and creamy pistachio filling, a delicious variety of pestoes, jams,  marmalades and creamy spreads for snacks and desserts. The Cuspidi also proposes a vast variety of ice-creams, from the most classic flavours to the more original  ones. And with “Quick Gelato” you can even recreate your favourite “Cuspidi” ice cream flavour at home.Not to be missed: the brioche with ice cream, the ricotta-filled cones, the crepes with ice cream and whipped cream, the pistachio pastries, the spreadable creams.

Speciality: sweet delicacies, ice cream, brittle, “panettoni” with pistachio filling, sicilian pestoes, jams and marmalades, creamy spreads, bakes, pancakes with whipped cream and ice-cream, ice-cream kits, roasted coffee beans.

Open all day nonstop: Monday to Sunday, 7.00 – 01.00 (closed on Tuesday)

Closed: Tuesday

Courier delivery of the principal products is available on request.

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