Itinerary 1

Itinerary 1 explores the main sites and attractions along the western coast of the province. Discover fascinating locations which have inspired renowned contemporary writers such as the town of Vigàta described in Andrea Camilleri’s novels and the museum located in the family residence of the Nobel Luigi Pirandello. Enjoy the magnificent coastal spots and beaches of Scala dei Turchi, Giallonardo, Bovo Marina, Capo Bianco and the coastal nature reserves of Torre Salsa and Foce del Fiume Platani. Visit precious archaeological sites such as Realmonte’s Villa Romana and the ruins of Eraclea Minoa and stroll through the smaller towns rich in culture, monuments and local traditions. Let your passions and interests guide you in choosing the sites to visit and compose Your own personal itinerary, planning your stops and visits as you go. What are you waiting for? Discover Sicily’s balcony with a view of the Mediterranean sea.

Cities and Attractions in the Itinerary