Itinerary 2 will take you westwards, to olive groves, vineyards and medieval castles. The most fascinating town is Caltabelotta, isolated high on a rocky crest and recalled by historians as the place where the peace treaty which ended the sicilian Vespers was signed. Discover its medieval Norman Church and the ruins of the castle. On your way back, stop off at Sciacca to visit the imposing Castello Luna, the splendid baroque churches and the strange but fascinating Castello Incantato, an open air sculpture garden; and ofcourse do some souvenir shopping for artistic handpainted ceramics in the many colourful shops and laboratories. The lido of Porto Palo is a marvellously uncontaminated stretch of beach close to Menfi overlooked by a 16th century tower. Let your passions and interests guide you in choosing the sites to visit and compose Your own personal itinerary, planning your stops and visits as you go.

Cities and Attractions in the Itinerary