Itinerary 3 will take you to lesser known places of artistic, historical and cultural interest in the hinterland of Agrigento. Discover the almond grove laid out as a living ‘Museum of the Almond’ and stroll through the centre of Favara with its fascinating monuments and astonishing Farm Cultural Park: an open air contemporary art centre considered sixth in importance after Florence, Bilbao and New York. Aragona has several beautiful churches such as the Chiesa del Rosario and the 16th century Chiesa Madre with its Diocesan Museum (MUDIA); also admire the frescoes in Palazzo Principe and be sure to taste some typical and genuine local products. In Racalmuto, described by Leonardo Sciascia in his novels as “Regalpetra”, the Sciascia Foundation, the baroque churches and the Chiaramonte Castle are surely worth a visit. Choose your destination, plan the stops that intreague you the most and create Your own itinerary.

Map of Cities and Attractions in the Itinerary