Itinerary 4 will take you into the mountains, to the fascinating villages and towns of the Monti Sicani: the green heart of our province. These mountains are dotted with hidden gems where history, culture and ancient legend mingle with daily life. The more or less circular itinerary will take you Agrigento’s inland passing through two routes:  San Giovanni Gemini, Cammarata and Santo Stefano di Quisquina to the north-east, and Raffadali, Santa Elisabetta, Sant’Angelo Muxaro, San Biagio Platani to the north-west. In these pretty places art and nature are entwined: history is calculated in millenia and traditions go back for centuries. This is where you will be able to meet the most authentic Sicily and get to know its generous hospitality. Explore the different towns described along the north-western route, or the north-eastern route, choosing the destinations you prefer and composing your own personal itinerary.

Map of Cities and Attractions in the Itinerary