Tour overview

This guided Tour takes you to the discovery of art, myths and genuine flavours of Agrigento’s Sicani Mountains. Take a walk in the footsteps of Kokalos, King of the Sicans, who had welcomed Daedalus and Icarus after their flight from Crete on wax wings.

The first day is dedicated to the exploration of Sant’Angelo Muxaro and its precious Bronze Age trophies linked to myths and embedded in rugged nature, authentic flavours and traditions. The second day will first take you to the incredible open air theatre of Andromeda, a unique artistic and architectural monument, and then to the cellars of the Luna Sicana winery to taste some excellent Sicilian organic wines. Explore all the details of the Tour and book your holiday now!

Tips: the itinerary is a guided tour by Val di Kam and is tailored for 2-8 participants.  It takes place mostly on foot in hilly areas and therefore comfortable clothing and shoes are highly recommended.

Essential Contacts:  Val di Kam – Piefilippo Spoto  +39 338 67 62 491

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Area covered
Sant'Angelo Muxaro - Santo Stefano Quisquina - Casteltermini
Myth, Art, History, Archeology, Nature, Local Products Tasting, Sicilian Wine Tasting

Advice on where to stay

Day 1


The first day is dedicated to the exploration of Sant’Angelo Muxaro: a village with a thousand-year history which slumbers on a hill in the valley of the Platani River. It is one of the most important centers of protohistoric Sicily. After a stroll among craft stores and  the opportunity of tasting some local products, the walk takes you out of town along the slopes of the hills discovering the mythical ‘Royal Tomb’ and other mysterious necropolises among amazing landscapes. Lunch will be a nice informal outdoor buffet prepared by local families.

Advice on where to eat and things to do

Day 2


The second day begins with a visit to a magical place, suspended between heaven and earth: the Theatre of Andromeda, a stone amphitheater created by shepherd and sculptor Lorenzo Reina. For lunch opt for a simple on-site snack at Reina’s art farm or choose one of the recommended places in the area.  In the afternoon, make your way to the Luna Sicana wine estate through the breathtaking landscapes. Once you arrive at winery, enjoy some wine-tasting of excellent Sicilian organic wines. Once back in your hotel, follow our advices to finish off the day.

Advice on where to eat and things to do