Tour overview

A path in and around Agrigento to discover sumptuous castles, churches, monasteries and noble dwellings. This route will take you to places of extraordinary charm such as the Cathedral of Agrigento, the Monastery of St. Spirito, the Castle of Naro surrounded by Baroque churches. In Palma di Montechiaro you will explore the places which inspired Tomasi di Lampedusa’s novel ”Il Gattopardo”: the noble Palace, the Cathedral and the Castle which once belonged to the author’s family. A stop in Licata for a walk in the old city center alleys to discovering many attractions such as the cave-church of San Calogero, the Cathedral with its Chapel of the Black Christ and much more. Explore all details of this Tour and book your holiday now!

Tips: the historic center of Agrigento can be visited on foot, bus or scooter. We advise you to reach Naro, Palma di Montechiaro and Licata by car or van.

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Area covered
Agrigento - Naro – Palma di Montechiaro - Licata
Middle Ages, Baroque, Castles, Churches, Art, History, Literature

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Day 1


The first day is dedicated to hidden gems of Agrigento: visit at the baroque church and the former Dominican friars convent, that houses the Pirandello Theater today, at the Church of St. Lorenzo and the Abbey of Santo Spirito, where Middle Ages austerity mingles with the Baroque pomp. After lunch you will discover the medieval Church of St. Maria dei Greci built on a Greek temple, the Diocesan Museum and the Norman Cathedral adorned with Baroque stuccos. Continue the evening with a drink before having dinner. Agrigento guided Tour: Marco Falzone +393490910388

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Day 2


The second day is dedicated to the exploration of Naro, one of the most picturesque towns in South Sicily, considered the provincial capital of the Sicilian Baroque style. Naro is well known for the superb Castle that has dominated the fertile Val Paradiso for centuries but monuments, sumptuous baroque churches and monasteries are tucked away in a maze of narrow alleys. A path in six stages in which you can discover, as well as the wonderful monuments, some excellent local products and the genuine Sicilian cuisine: enjoy! Naro guided Tour : Karin Nicoletti +39 388 8943751

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Day 3


Palma di Montechiaro is the hometown of the noble family Tomasi di Lampedusa, ancestors of the author of the famed novel "Il Gattopardo": you will visit the monuments that inspired the places told in the novel such as the Palazzo Ducale, the Benedictine Monastery and the Duomo, chosen by Dolce & Gabbana as the backdrop for their fashion show in the 2019. The city is best known for its Baroque sights but the medieval Castle is an unmissable attraction. Last but not least: taste the local fine pastry and cuisine. Palma di Montechiaro guided tour: Salvatore Costanzino +393292076675

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Day 4


Licata is a seaside town with a long history ranging from the Bronze Age to the Liberty style. Among the most important medieval and baroque monuments you will admire there are Church of Carmine, Church of St. Angelo, Church of St. Maria La Vetere and the ‘New’ Mother Church with its chapel dedicated to the black Christ. You will stroll through the districts of the ancient fishing village admiring the baroque friezes of some noble palaces. Complete the day by sampling some fresh fish and other local delicacies! Licata guided Tour: Pierangelo Timoneri +39 328 061 3653

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