living new experiences is the best part of the trip

A holiday is not only about relaxing but also about shopping, new experiences and emotions. Exploring a new context and discovering its secrets is what makes travelling special. If you’re into tourism in Sicily, then come and visit Agrigento: with the help of shops and services selected by You On Tour, marvellous sights, emotions and experiences await you. Sail to the Scala dei Turchi, discover the secrets of the historical centre of town with a private guide or comfortably discover the narrow streets on an electric bike or by electric car. If you want to get closer to the territory, the people and their traditions, then choose enrapturing excursions to nature reserves, archaeological sites and rural villages. You could enjoying shopping, even get the taste of Sicily by learning to cook some local specialities! Rent a car, book a shuttle or try other useful services tailored to help you thoroughly enjoy Your Tour. Book now!

Map of activities and things to do in Agrigento area